C3W5 Task 1 fails and how to create dataset


I followed the instruction and started the Notebook. I imported all the libraries and set up the env variables. But when the progress check always failed me. Do you have any clues what I should do?

In addition, how do I create the dataset files? Do I just creat the files and post the Query commands into them?


Please specify the name of the lab you are working on.

It is Machine Learning with TensorFlow in Vertex AI

I started the notebook and can run it. But the Task 1 (checking the progress of starting the notebook) keeps failing me.

I don’t see a lab with the title you specified. Please share the coursera link for the lab.

I have two questions,

  1. the first task check always fails
  2. How to create the dataset?
  1. The 1st task should not fail. Please try changing the zone / region for your workbench. If that doesn’t work, contact qwiklabs help.
  2. Execute the bigquery cell to export data from the bigquery table to csv