C4W1 assignment - question about last cell

In the last cell of C4W1 assignment, I got the same problem that my mse & mae are not the same as the expected output.

Failed test case: diff_moving_avg_plus_smooth_past has incorrect first 5 values.
[59.77063  58.743534 57.702236 56.543404 55.74462 ],
but got:
[40.574306 44.581184 48.20017  51.96808  55.881516].

Failed test case: diff_moving_avg_plus_smooth_past has incorrect last 5 values.
[29.718428 33.570488 37.043247 41.25437  45.228832],
but got:
[25.880426 26.018795 26.203758 25.86561  25.94249 ].

I calculated smooth_past_series as moving_average_forecast(SERIES[SPLIT_TIME-365-10:-365], 10).
After looking at this question, it seems that I need to use SERIES[SPLIT_TIME-365-5:-365+5] instead. I understand that window size is 10 hences the parts-365-5 then -365+5, however, is it more correct to use -365-10 and -365 because the past series starts from SPLIT_TIME-365 and we need to subtract 10 for the first window?

Thank you

We’re perofrming centered moving average in the assignment. So, half the window size on either side of the center point is the way to go. Here’s a link you’ll find useful.