Help on diff_moving_avg_plus_smooth_past


I cannot get the last cell right, which means I made some mistakes in the calculation of “diff_moving_avg_plus_smooth_past” of the second last cell.

Since I cannot post my code, I need to send my file to a Mentor so that he/she can look at my code.

For now, I attach the image of the result of the last cell.

Let me know to whom I can send my file.
Best regards

Hello Michio,

Sorry for the late reply, did you solve the problem or do you still need some help?


Hi Davide,
Thanks for your followup.
I just sent you my code via Message.
If you can take a look at it to identify the cause of the issue, I would appreciate it.
Best regards

When you check the plot, did your plot match? It wasn’t too clear in the instructions, but I think the moving average for this questions uses Centered windows. For time t, it will be between t-5 and t+5 for the 10 day window size.

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Hi Sarah,
You spotted one of my mistakes. It was not clear to me the instruction suggested the Centered windows.


Thanks @Davide for your advice via Message.
Thanks to your advice I really understand the reason why I got it wrong.
I appreciated your advice.
Best regards