C4W2 Graded Assignment Grader


I am working on the C4W2 graded assignment- Autoscaling Tensorflow model deployments with TF serving and Kubernetes. The grading tool does not seem to be working properly. It was able to register the success of the first two tasks in the lab, but starting with the ‘Create a Kubernetes ConfigMap’ item, it fails to recognize my progress. I completed the next 3 tasks as well, and none of them would register as completed. I waited about 10 minutes for it to load, and even tried restarting the lab and using a different computer- no luck.

I am quite certain that the steps were indeed completed- both due to the successful output from each step, and also given the fact that able to proceed to the other steps.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Hi Chase! Are you still experiencing this issue? The lab was down a couple of weeks ago but should now be working okay. Hope you already completed the assignment!