[C4W2 Task5] Can't check my progress

Can’t check my progress.

What did qwiklabs help tell you?

They said let me wait for them, they are solving that, and then will contact me using email.

Please ping this thread in 4 days if you don’t hear back from qwiklabs and I’ll request a staff to look at this.

Can I ask you to ping qwiklabs help every 48 hours and confirm if it’s okay to try the lab again?


OK, I will ping qwiklabs help every 48 hours.

I’m facing the same issue

I pinged qwiklabs twice today, first person give me a tutorial video, I follow the step. Issue is as same as that. Because step isn’t reason, step is same.

Therefore, I pinged second person, he also give same video link.

The button is still broken, not yet solved.

Finally, I followed the article.