Course 4 Week 3 External Graded Tool: TFX on Google Cloud AI Platform Pipelines

Unable to complete this assignment due to a problem with Quiklabs “Check Progress”, even though kubeflow-pipeline has been created it is unable to check that.

I had a chat with qwiklabs, as per them this lab has some issue, they said they will update soon on this.

But what if they don’t resolve this issue by Oct 18(Course end date)?

PFA of the screenshot

Getting the same issue.

I tried the exercise again and it worked

Hi Akarsh and Ashwani! Thank you for bringing this up. The grader can sometimes be delayed and you have to wait a minute or so before it recognizes the changes in GCP. Good to know that redoing the exercise will also work. Will add this as a note in the FAQ to let other learners know. Thanks!

I got the same error. However, I was unable to solve it by retrying the exercise. Also, I have ended my lab before running out of time in order to not spend my whole quota. How should I solve this?

Hi Vitor! Welcome to Discourse! Sorry to hear that. This seems to be a backend issue and I think it would be quicker if you open a ticket with Qwiklabs support so they can also check your account. The support channels are on the upper right of the Qwiklabs page:

Their chat support is usually quick to respond and you can describe the issue there. Unfortunately, some of their support agents seem to look at tickets on a case-to-case basis. I tried reporting a related issue recently and they just responded with a congratulatory message because I have completed the lab before. Since you haven’t completed the lab yet, they will be more inclined to give an actual solution. You can also request for an extension in case you get a prompt about exceeding your quota.

Hope these help!