C5 W2 A2: Submitted but got 0 after submission problem for programming assignment

After I submitted programming assignment (Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera), the My Submission tab didn’t show submitted time log, so I reloaded the page and tried to submit a couple of times, but still My Submission tab didn’t show submitted time log.

So I reloaded the page to submit again, the submit button is disappeared.

So I waited like 5 min and then clicked “Work in Browser” and the “Submit” button is displayed. I’ve already saved all the checkpoints, so I submitted again, but immediately after submission, it gives me 0 point for this assignment and didn’t seem to have time to grade. It usually takes 1-2 min at least to get the grade, but this time, it gives me grade 0 immediately after submission.

What is the actual message you get from the grader? There was a problem on the servers maybe 36 hours ago where everyone was getting “Grader Error: Grader Feedback Not Found”, but that was cleared up by Coursera. Maybe it’s happening again.

One thing to try is:

Kernel -> Restart and Clear Output

The point is that the output can make the notebook images pretty large, which can cause problems for the graders. They only need to call your functions and don’t need your generated output.

I still have the problem. As soon as I submitted, it gives me 0 score without having time to grade.
I went Kernel → Restart and Clear Output and then submitt.

“Save” you meant “File → Save and Checkpoint” or referring to something else?

Your method of saving should also work, but I use the little floppy disk icon to save.

But there is no guarantee this is going to help. It was just one thing to try.

You also have not actually told us which assignment this is and what the actual grader output is, other than 0 points. What does it say under “Show grader output”?

Exercise 5:
grader output:
Cell #2. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: SyntaxError(‘invalid syntax’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/cell_2.py’, 9, 1, ‘|\n’))

But I was able to run every cell without syntax error when I ran them.

Check your personal messages for instructions.

Hint for those who find this thread later:

In sentence_to_avg(), do not write your code such that you create a list of the keys in the word_to_vec_map dictionary. This is unnecessary, because you can check if a word is in the directory using a simple ‘if…in’ statement. And also, though making a list will run correctly for a small test case, it will run extremely slowly, and it will make your model training take several hours. This is because the sentence_to_avg() function is called quite a lot during training.

The extremely slow training makes it appear that your notebook is broken, and it will make the grader timeout, even though it’s just running very slowly.