Cannot create post nor topics in course site

Thanks for the detailed response, @agparth, but I have some followup questions. If I’m correctly understanding how things are supposed to work according to the scheme you described, then the post that ai_curious originally pointed out should never have been able to be created, right? It was created at the top parent level of AIM and thus doesn’t work correctly. Was it created before the structure was fully in place and rules enforced? But that can’t be it, since the OP of that thread is only 4 days old. So how did that happen? Should it be moved or is that also too much of a hassle? Or should I be talking to @Deepthi about this?

Actually now that I think about it the AIM mentors should be able to move threads, so you could delegate this cleanup work. I can move DLS threads by using the “edit pencil” on the title to change the categories, but I don’t see an edit pencil for the title in that AIM Thread. But I do see the wrench icon and it looks like I could close the thread. Hmmmm. In general I find that Discourse works really well, but the permissions and roles features seem a bit challenging to manage.

Update: actually I just read your post again and maybe I read too much into it the first time. I thought you were saying that people don’t have permission to create threads other than in the week forums. But maybe all you were saying that’s what you want/intend people to do and there is no enforcement mechanism. If that’s the case, then “good luck with that”. :nerd_face: It is clearly explained somewhere, right? Or you can just do as I suggested earlier and dump it on the AIM mentors to clean up whatever messes get created. That’s how it works in DLS :scream_cat: