I can't post anything in GANs specialization

I want to ask questions in GANs specialization but The “new topic” isn’t active for me. can anyone help me, please !? :pray:

That probably means that you weren’t enrolled in any of the GANs courses at the time you first joined Discourse. The course staff can add you to the GANs specialization.

@mubsi or @agparth or @sharob.sinha is there an automated way to do this or do one of you need to manually intervene to make this happen? Thanks!

Hi @Reza_Aalaei ,

You can go to a particular category and then the New Topic will be enabled. Ideally, you shouldn’t be creating a topic in the general specialization category.

If it is aligned to a course, you can go to the particular course category and also the particular week and add your topic.

Thanks for your assistance. :pray:

I’ve tried it but still doesn’t work.

Hi, Can you try now?

It’s fine now. Thank you :pray: :rose: