Can't join the class

can anyone help me to enroll in the course of the machine learning specialization?

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What is the issue you are encountering?

Yes please mention the issue

When I logged into Coursera, I clicked the Register button in the machine learning interface, and the page didn’t jump.

thank you for the prompt reply

Can you share that screenshot where you clicked for registration ??

Could you please expand on that?
Try going to your profile → My Courses. This will list the courses you are currently enrolled .

when I pressed the blue button, this page didn’t change.


Can you try once clearing your cache and browsing history, log out of Coursera and then re-login and then click on the page image your shared.

Do you see a small inbox image showing for how many months you want to subscribe and show payments accordingly for 1 month, 3-month and 6-month

Let me know if you still get the same issue.


Have you had success with other Coursera courses or is this the very first time you’re trying this? Note that this could also be an IT problem of some sort on your end: e.g. some A/V software on your computer or firewall or proxy on your network blocking certain URLs. That is pretty hard for any of us to diagnose for you.