Machine Learning Specialization labs

I have to finish & submit the " Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression" task, but since yesterday I am trying accessing to the lab but it does not work at all , I keep klick on the “Reopen” button but nothing changes ,Also I tried the other labs but I keep getting the same problem, my time is running out, please help ASAP. Thank you very much

Please contact Coursera staff. See this guide on how to contact them.

I actually emailed them several minutes ago and waiting for a response, I just thought I could get a quick solution instead of waiting.

anyway, thank you my friend, much appreciated.

If you are facing any issue reach out the staff by using forum they can visit this link to inform your issue
{moderator edit: link removed}

ok I will try that too.

much appreciated my friend.

Maybe this helps:

  1. Logout and then login
  2. Use Incognito
  3. Use Chrome (if not using)
  4. Clear Browser Cache

I don’t think that form was intended for students. Where did you find the link?

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you visit this link. and then you able to see the Option “Forum”, Tap on that you directly head on to that troubleshoot forum.


Your Most Welcome