Can't load assignments or labs

Anyone experiencing difficulties with labs or assignments? Here is what I get when trying to load the page:

We’re having trouble preparing your lab

Hit refresh to try again and make sure you’re logged into Coursera

It was working earlier on.


I’m having this problem too.

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Please report the issue to the Coursera Help Center. Nothing DLAI can do about it.

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Same, I am having this problem too

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Please see my previous reply on this thread.

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I’ve got the same issue. Apparently, Coursera is having troubles right now

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I am having the same problem

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Please report the issue to the Coursera Help Center.
DLAI doesn’t provide the servers, that’s Coursera.

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I’m temporarily closing this thread, as we have received sufficient reports on this issue.

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I understand. This screenshot is from Coursera help centre. I thought I’d share here that Coursera is aware of the issues

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Reports are that the issue has been fixed.

I am still having the issue

Still facing the Same Issue

Coursera staff is working on it. Once they resolve it, we will update you.

Hi all,

Coursera is having technical issues because of which the Labs are down. They are aware of this and working on resolving it. Please follow this topic for updates.


Now it seems like the labs are opening, but they do not load properly: not able to autosave, not able to open Lab Files (either File->Open either button top right) and the most important of all no submit button. The server is probably not restored, even though the lab-assignment loads now.

Please see Mubsi’s reply on this thread, and the banner at the top.

Yes I am aware of the general issue that has appeared recently (I have also seen what the banner says), but now I am describing a variant of the issue, something like an update. It seems now that the problem has moved on from “Unable to fetch, can’t open lab at all” to “the lab loads, it opens but this is virtually operational, you cannot do anything else on that page”.

All this is unfortunately still the same issue though that persists. If you can confirm this from other members, please update the closed thread “Coursera Labs are Down (9 August 2023)”