Can't start the lab because I've exceed "total budget"

Hey! Sorry if I missed other topics about that problem.

I can’t start the “Lab 1 - Generative AI Use Case: Summarize Dialogue” because I’ve got the error “Your total lab spend of $26.603146 has exceeded the total budget of $20”.
Also I can’t submit it, because of the error “The lab must be started to Submit.”.
Can I somehow submit it or reset my limit?

Hi and welcome to the community! Kindly check your inbox. We’ll need some info before we can increase the budget. Thanks!

Hi @chris.favila
I am also facing the same issue. Can you look into it. I have subscribed to

Generative AI with Large Language Models

Thank you for the support.

Hi Satish. Sorry to hear that. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks!

Thanks @chris.favila . I have filled the form shared by you.

Hi Satish. I’ve forwarded this. Will let you know once the budget is increased. Thanks!

Hi Satish. You should be able to access the lab now. Hope it works!


I can not use the lab either because of the budget. I already filled the form and sent.

Hi Amir. You should be able to start the lab now. Thanks!