Week 1 Lab 1 Error while starting a lab

‘Start Lab’ gives the following error:
Your total lab spend of $22.399203 has exceeded the total budget of $20

Please suggest what to do with this!

Hi @Anastasiia_Chetverki

Please, don’t forget to post your queries on the right space. This is very important to us, mentors to track issues and help in a efficient way.

make sure to check FAQ to understand the community guidelines.

What course are you referente to?

Either way, please, fill this form in order to refresh your lab.

I hope this help you.

Best regards

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Thanks for the links!
I filled the form 2 days ago, but it’s still the issue. Do you know when I can expect the lab refresh?

I refer to the course ‘Generative AI with LLMs’, Lab 1

Hi Anastasiia. You should be able to access the lab now. Thanks!

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Thank you for your help, @chris.favila

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