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I am in the Convolutional Neuronal Networks course (this is the 4th course), which is part of the Deep Learning Specialization, and I would like to know what to do after that to be able to work in an AI company or at least use my AI knowledge in some technological company.
I have been working as a .Net software engineer for the last 12 years, and I am looking for a professional change. Because of my Microsoft experience I was wondering about learning Azure AI, but not sure if this is the right step. I am open to any ideas. Anyone can give me a piece of advice?

Hello @Hector_Gonzalez

Deep Learning Specializations are very good choice.

As I see it, Microsoft also has several certifications related to artificial intelligence, which is not surprising given how much they are investing in it.

However maybe to inspire what are the potential next steps it would be worth to review existing job offers?

In the The Batch @ DeepLearning.AI newsletter there is a section:

Work With Andrew Ng:

DeepLearning.AI, AI Fund, and Landing AI

Another thing worth to have a look in my opinion is to check: Kaggle Competitions

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Thanks for the answer, I have been checking the AI jobs listing and I have identified some needed skills. And regarding Azure AI or any other similar platform I guess that it is useful to know it because it reduces complexity when developing a solution from scratch.

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I think you’ll also agree that the AI landscape is changing very fast and there are a lot of new things happening - even for the world of new technology.
In many areas, it is still uncertain all the time what are the widely recognized and used standards. Every now and then there are new vector databases, new models, tools, etc.
This leads me to conclude that at this stage flexibility and the ability to learn quickly is key - what do you think about it?

Yes, I agree that it is an evolving field and there will be many changes from here to a few years in the future. So we need to adapt to the changes.

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