CNN Week3 programming assignments "Grading failed"

Hi dear peer learners,

For CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) Week 3 programming assignments, both of them are reporting “Grading failed”, even if all the tests passed. Does anyone seeing the same issue?

I also tried restarting the kernel and save file before submitting, and got the same errors.


I’m facing the same issue, I managed to get one of them graded but the second either shows 0/100 or doesn’t even grade it

Looks like there are a few people having the same issue. Probably have to wait until Monday for Coursera to fix it.

There appears to be a technical issue with the graders on the Coursera platform.

i also have the same problem

The situation remains the same as it was from my previous reply.

Hi all,

Please follow this post for updates regarding this technical issue.


Hi all,

Coursera reported that they have resolved this bug now.

I have checked. The graders are working now.

Please try again and let me know. If you come across the same error, it would now be possible that there’s something wrong in your code.