Issue with week 3 assignments CNN

Hi everyone,

I am stuck on week 3 assignments of the CNN class. I believe all my code is correct and get an “All tests passed!” throughout the exercises. However, I keep getting a “Grader Error: Grader feedback not found”. I don’t know how to resolve this issue. I have tried so far to fix it by checking the entire code, restarting the notebook, refreshing the notebook + re-entering my answers. All without success. Can someone please have a look?

I have the same issue with

  1. Programming Assignment: Car detection with YOLO
  2. Programming Assignment: Image Segmentation with U-Net

Thanks, Kees

Coursera seems to be having a technical issue.

Hi all,

Please follow this post for updates regarding this technical issue.


Hi all,

good day.

After two days of reporting the issue, nothing has changed.

You are correct.

Hi all,

Coursera reported that they have resolved this bug now.

I have checked. The graders are working now.

Please try again and let me know. If you come across the same error, it would now be possible that there’s something wrong in your code.