Could open programming labs

I think there is some kind of error with all my programming labs. I have finished them before but now I could seem to open them. How to solve this problem? I also attach a screenshot of the problem. Thank you for your time!

My understanding is that once you have completed your subscription, you can no longer access the graded portions of the classes (quizzes or programming assignments)

I dont think it is the case cause I have no problem opening labs of some other courses that I have finished.

I agree with @ai_curious. Shortly after you complete the whole specialization, you lose access to the assignments.

Downloading the notebook files them before you complete the course is a good idea.

Appears to me that the first screenshot is from the Deep Learning Specialization, while the second one is from the Machine Learning Specialization. Two different items in the catalog so limited inference should be made. In any case, you’ll likely get more insight reaching out to Coursera support to find out about your subscription or access issues…most people reading these threads have no control over the platform or business side of the courses.

Thank you both for your support. I will reach out to Coursera team to find out more!
Have a good day!