Couldn't do my programming assignment in LAB

I have a problem in any LAB tagged contents , first I though it is about due time but after that try with new LAB contentes and in all of them I have this error again , what should I do , pls help

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In my experience, the timeout is just a web page timeout. You can reenter the lab by clicking on it from the table of contents. Your position and previously-entered information is saved in the notebook.

You may need to click cells that you have executed previously and press shift-enter to refresh the Python in memory up to the point where you last executed a cell.

How soon after you enter the Labs Notebook does that message appear?

If it is immediate, it’s possible your computer’s clock or time zone are not set correctly.

thanks , very much , i change the date and time and now it is working :pray: :pray:

thanks , i will try it :pray: