Couldn't pass the gradientDescent Code

Here is my code -

** Code removed ***

What should I look at/for to make this work?


Hint: Add more sets of parenthesis so you’re sure you get the correct implementation.

Also, I’m pretty sure that this course does not allow you to post your code on the forum. That would break the Code of Conduct.

Hi @TMosh Thanks for stating the forum rules - code removed, and I respect that.

It was an intent to highlight the issue at hand. I am here to learn and see no issue sharing code for purpose of illustration and seeking guidance.

Regarding the core question, your hint was just that, a “hint”, appreciate it, however it lacks the insight to further help me move forward. Appreciate your time.

DLAI disagrees with your interpretation. Check the Community Guidelines and the Code of Conduct which you agreed to by using this resource.

@TMosh Will do. Thanks again.

It turns out your code for the “update theta” line is incomplete. You left out one factor that is given in the math formula that expresses what happens there. Please check the code against the math formula carefully and I hope that the missing element will become visible to you.

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@paulinpaloalto That’s what it was!! (That ‘m’) - I appreciate you!! Thanks a lot.


Yes, that was what I was referring to. Glad to hear that solved the problem.