Course resources after getting certificate


I have completed the specialisation, I got my certificate, but in Purchases/Manage Subscriptions i still the the message that i have to pay next month:
“€40 next billing cycle
Your card will be charged on August 5, 2021”
So I would like to ask will I really be charged? Because I have read that payment is automatically cancelled once I complete the course. Or do I have to manually cancel my subscription?

And another question, once I get my certificate (and the payment is over), do I still have an access to video lectures and programming exercises? I understand that I could not submit programming exercises, but will I still have the access at least to read them?

Thank you in advance,

Regarding your payment, please contact the Coursera Help Center.

You will need to download your notebooks locally before you end your subscription.

I do not know if you will have access to the lectures.