Course slides

Hi, just wondering if the slides are available for any of the short courses and how I can download them?

Slides are not available for the Short Courses.

do short courses offer certificates of completion that we can share on our socials?

No, they do not.

any plans on adding that? will be really helpful to keep track of courses completed and have a little something to share after completion.

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Certificates are extremely unlikely for the Short Courses, since they contain no graded assignments which might be used to assess your knowledge.

Hi @Abbasid,

As Tom mentioned, certificates are not yet offered for the short courses.

However, there’s an Accomplishment section which has been added on the short course platform where you’ll get an official acknowledgment of completion of your courses. You can take a screenshot of it to share, or use the share button (Note: the “share” button is still currently being tested, so it might behave differently)


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