Course Updates not Visible

Im currently enrolled in the Math for ML specialization and already finished courses 1 & and 2. I received the emails about the updated materials for courses 1 & 3 but still can not see these changes in my account. I tried to follow the instructions about the deadlines reset but still not visible.

Hi @Ali_Gazala

Could you send me you email registred on Coursera, via DM?


I’m currently on course 1 (linear algebra) and I have the same problem.

I am also having the same problem

Hi all,

We contacted Coursera, and unfortunately, the option to switch versions will only be available if you miss two deadlines. You will then see the option to reset your deadlines, and subsequently, you will be prompted to switch versions if you choose to do so.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. We also have reached out to Coursera to gather more information about the issue. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control on our end.

I agree that the article is not clear about this.


Thanks for the clarification @lucas.coutinho , So I can stop working on my course 3 materials until next week to miss the deadline, but how about the updated content for course 1 (Linear Algebra) which I already finished so there are no deadlines to miss. Any chance I can see the new content?

Hello, could you find a way to see the updates for the completed courses? I also completed all three courses and cannot see the updates.

@Cagan_Yigit_Deliktas still can not see the new content for my finished (course 1). According to Coursera email, I should be able to access the new content as long as my subscription plan is active. My plan is still active as I’m currently going through course 3.

Hopefully can get some update from @lucas.coutinho

@Ali_Gazala, Lucas’ response says you have to miss two deadlines for your current course in order to be able to update to the new version.

For courses you have completed, it appears that no update is possible.

Personally I do not feel this is a serious issue, because 1) you can continue attending the course that you originally signed up for, and 2) the updated course does not add any significant new material - mostly it only polishes-up the presentation and labs.

No one is asking about how you personally feel @TMosh !! At the end of the day, I’m paying for this content, and the Coursera email says it should be available as long as my subscription plan is active. It is even asking people currently unsubscribed to enroll and pay again to access the content, which your response seems to suggest its actually a lie

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I was just giving some guidance. I apologize if I offended you.

Sorry if my reply was a bit harsh, I’m actually a long-time user of Coursera and Deep Learning courses and was keen to get these updates because I find your content really useful.

Thanks for your guidance and have a great week mate :slight_smile: