Halfway through course, no option to update to new material

I’m in week 3 on the Linear Algebra course and want to update to the new course material (added 1/31/2024). There is no option to ‘reset deadlines’ within the ‘Grades’ tab as suggested by the help page. Please advise.

Hi @biotech_learner_77,

Could you send me you email registred on Coursera, via DM?


@biotech_learner_77, please see this reply on a similar thread:

Hi @TMosh and @lucas.coutinho . Thanks for your replies. I waited for deadlines to pass (2 deadlines by 2 weeks and a little extra), but I don’t see the option to reset deadlines in the ‘grades’ page. Previously I did a “push end date” option when the deadlines passed, but that did not prompt an option to update the course material. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Sorry, I have no other suggestions.