Course update not visible

I’m halfway through with the first course, but I am unable to see the updated content

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I’ve asked the course staff about this. No information yet.

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Hi @Kabir_Singh_Kalsi

We are sorry about the inconvenience. We just contacted Coursera as well and unfortunatelly, you will only be able to switch versions if you miss deadlines, otherwise you will need to stick with the previous version.

If you miss two deadlines, then you will be able to reset your deadlines, and only then you will be prompted to switch versions if you want to.


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I’ve already finished the course. Would I be able to see the new updates?

I got an email talking about “Course Updates” and that:

"If you have already completed these courses but don’t have an active subscription:

  • Your certificate will carry over. You do not need to take any further action."

But I don´t manage to see the new content. Is there any action I must take?

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I think not.

Well. Why did they message me and say it will? :upside_down_face:

What their message says is that the new course does not invalidate your completion of the original course. That’s what “Your certificate will carry over” means.