Course Updates - notebooks and videos active subscription completed course vs completed course

I am presently doing M4ML specialization and on my second course. I got email about course update. I have couple of questions:

  • I have subscribed for the specialization but completed first course already. How can I get updates?
  • In future if/when course are updated will I be able to get notebook updates? I am ok even if I am unable to run the notebooks on coursera but be able to download them is good enough.
  • Even after the course we will have access to videos. If any new topic are added will we be notified? Can we access new videos in future?

I am looking for ability to download new notebooks and be able to view new video lectures.


I have the same question

Unfortunately, it turns out that the only way you can switch to the new course is if you stop working on the current version until you get two warnings about missing deadlines. That takes a few weeks.

It’s a Coursera limitation, DLAI can’t do anything about it.

Hello, I have completed all three courses and cannot see the updates. Is there any way to see the updates for the completed courses?

You can only see the updates if you:

  • Are currently enrolled and miss two consecutive deadlines.
  • You are a new student.

If you’ve completed the course, you cannot get the updated version.

There are no new concepts in the update to the course, it just has some of the rough edges removed from the presentation and labs.