Coursera Lab ultra slow to load + Issue in ploting results

Hello since today, Labs are very slow to load ( 5 to 10 minutes versus <1min 2 days ago)
also, there is a plotting issue on all Labs ( like this one below : C2_W2_SoftMax )

Thanks for your help

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That Canvas error tends to be caused by your browser blocking the widget that generates the plots.

I’ll check on the loading time, will report back.

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Thanks @TMosh , plotting works indeed in another browser.
Thanks for looking into the slowness.

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That lab loaded in under a minute when I just tested it.
No issues running any of the cells.

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Actually, I still have the plotting issue with the other browser : What plugin should we authorize ?

Same for performance issue especially, if load 2 or 3 different labs at the same ( purpose is to download them)

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Try disabling any browser security tools / pop-up blockers.

Clearing cache/cookies might help.

Sorry, I have idea what the issue is with slow loading of the lab. I can’t replicate that.


Thanks a lot for having looked into the issue.

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