Coursera picture in picture mode bug when switch page screen to 1/2

Hi there,

To whom it may concern,

This is a topic kind of far from DLS, but it literally happens when I am watching DLS videos.

That is:

I use a small-screen laptop and use OneNote to save my DLS notes. So, I always split the Coursera page to occupy only half the screen. But in this case, the picture in picture mode will not function well. On the video page when 1/2 screen, I scroll down to view the subtitle below, the small player at the right does not appear, and then I scroll up to the top, the player no longer goes back to its initial position.

This Google drive video I recorded may illustrate more vividly.

Hi, I understand your concern. To be honest, I too faced the same problem many times. I think the feature format of expanding and then contracting the video doesn’t work. But what you can do is, go to the full mode and then press escape to get the original format. I know this is a pain but this will save your time. Thanks!

Could you manage to forward this topic to the corresponding react developer at the Coursera frontend team who developed this picture in picture mode feature and keep him/her aware of this painful technical debt?

It does interrupt the world-class learning experience that Coursera is committed to providing.

Hi @LeslieWong, I am just a learner like you at Coursera and I was just helping you out. Though I too have faced this issue many times, but here, I won’t be the right medium to forward and communicate this query to the Coursera team. Since you posed this question, I think, you as the channel of communication would be the right thing to do. Hope you understand my point of view.

Team at Coursera is working wonderfully. No one can doubt that ever. Just for a couple of issues, I don’t think the world-class learning experiences at Coursera would ever be affected.

Please share your query to the team and I am very much sure that it would get resolved soon.


Tweet this to @coursera. Hope them could forward it to the right dev person.