Video page format suggestion

Currently, when watching a video, the current discussion point in transcription of the lecture eventually travels off the bottom of the screen. When I scroll up to see the current captioning, the video scrolls off the top.
I would like to have video notes/transcription in a separate scrollable window, where I can follow the captioning below, but still see the video. Could you put the video in its own iframe, and the lecture notes below in another scrollable frame. That way I can see the lecture notes as well as what is in the video. Having a miniature video near the bottom doesn’t cut it. It can be too tiny to see equations and instructor writings on the screen.

Hi Gary! Hope you are doing well.
I can suggest something that you can do to satisfy your requirements at least for now.
You can have split screens and have the same video in both tabs after which you can start playing videos on both tabs at the same time (you can mute one and can use it just for transcripts.
Like this :::


Oh yes, but making adjustments for every short video gets old really fast.
Besides, I only need to see the current sentence as closed captioning, especially when the lecturer uses obscure references or terminology jargon, etc.
Like “backprop” which I had to see in print to know that it referred to “back propagation”.
It’s not necessary to dedicate half the screen for what I’m requesting. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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Hello @Gary_Takahashi! Nithin provides a wonderful way to satisfy your needs. Alternatively, you can turn on the subtitle option, as shown in the figure below. This will allow you to see the current sentence.

Currently, Coursera does not have that option, which I believe is available on EdX. But thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate feedback from our users as it helps us improve our platform. Our team will consider your suggestion to improve the user experience on our platform.

Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or concerns.


Yes, I had tried the closed captioning, but it obscures too much of the lower part of the slide. I stopped using it.
My comment was really just a suggestion to rearrange the video/transcription layout to make it more user-friendly. Not to let the focus highlighting dribble off the screen.
That’s all.


Thank you for providing your valuable feedback. It is greatly appreciated.