Datasets used in the course!

Is there a way for me to get the datasets used in the course?
I would like to do the projects by typing all the code… not just filling in the gaps…

All of the datasets are available for download. From your open assignment notebook, use File → Open… . You will see the directory for the files used in the course. The datasets are stored (appropriately enough) in the datasets directory. Click on that and you will be taken to the data files. For whatever dataset you are interested in, click the checkbox to the left of the filename. A Download button then appears at the top. Click on that, and away you go. Note that you are only allowed (by technology or policy, I do not know) to download one at a time. If you checkmark multiple files, the Download button will not appear. Happy downloading!


There are also “power tools” you can use for downloading multiple files at once, but it requires a bit more work on your part. Here’s a thread which shows how to use the linux “tar” command for this purpose.