Deploy an Object detection App

I have built a Flask app with object detection (YOLO), text extraction (tesseract). I am trying to deploy it on render but it is not working.(The site becomes live but when i upload an image the site stops responding). Is there any free web service where i can deploy the app? (It is working well on local system).

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@Diwakar_Sehgal I personally have used neither service myself, but I have heard somethings about Gradio or Streamlit. I don’t know if they’d fit your requirements but you might have a look.

*Not sure if they take native Flask.

Hi, have you used Python? You can deploy your web app for free via:

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@Isaak_Kamau Flask is like a Python based wrapper for Python, but for web development-- Similar to Django, etc. So yes, I’m presuming at least his core code is in Python.

Aww thank you, I almost missed “flask” in his statement. Then yes, he can do the deployment on pythonanywhere

Thanks , its working on pythonanywhere.

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