Do AI apps on playstore be considered AGI?

For example Nova, Snapchat AI bot and other similar apps

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Hi @Fatima_Bibi
Thanks for your post and i will do my best to make it clear for you.

First you need to make sure that you fully understand what AGI (Artificial general intellegence) means. I will try to briefly explain what AGI means for you before answering your question.

AGI (Artificial general intelligence) is the representation of generalized human cognitive abilities in software so that, faced with an unfamiliar task, the AGI system could find a solution. The intention of an AGI system is to perform any task that a human being is capable of.

Definitions of AGI vary because experts from different fields define human intelligence from different perspectives.

So you need to know that AGI is considered to be strong artificial intelligence (AI), and it contrasts with weak or narrow AI.

It takes us to another definition maybe you are wondering “what is weak or narrow AI?”.
The answer: Weak AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that are designed and trained to perform specific tasks within a limited domain

So now with these information and illustration you may be able now to answer your question yourself.

“Do AI apps on playstore be considered AGI?”
The answer is no, because most of the apps are designed and trained to perform specific tasks. So it’s considered “Weak AI”.

I hope it’s clear now for you and thanks for your question.
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Thank you now I understand it better…

Chatbots are not equivalent to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), as AGI involves broader cognitive abilities and adaptability across various tasks, while chatbots are specialized in specific interactions.

The absolute answer is “NO”
To understand this you must go to the definition of AGI and ANI

AI system that can do specific task like chatgpt، dalle e.g is Called ANI (Artificial narrow intelligence)

AI system which can do anything like human is called AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)
AGI isn’t achievable yet but in future may be!