Do I need to memory the codes in labs?

Hello Professors and tutors, I am learning the course 1, I found that in most cases, it said students need to go through the coding parts but we are not needed to write codes. I afraid that I cannot able to use how to code. Do I need to memory the codes? Meanwhile, I also do some searching online, I found that there are some tools/libraries that I can be used for implementing the regression and classification. Is that the course 1 willing to show the concepts rather than real coding? Thanks! (I plan to finish the whole specilisation!)

This is an introductory course. It is important that you understand how the methods work, so the first few examples use specific code rather than tools and libraries.

You will use tools and libraries later in the course.

Oh I see, thank you. I just finished the gradient descent part, and there is a short overview of those tools. Willing to go further tomorrow!!! Thanks again!