Do you know to who can I report a vulnerability?

Hello there,

I think I found a vulnerability in the platform (not 100% sure but I think it is worth to report), does anyone knows who can I report it to?

Thank you have a nice day.

You can report here, in this community, in a correct category.

If it’s a Coursera platform issue, please report it to the Coursera Help Center.

If it’s really a vulnerability, I don’t think reporting the details here is a good idea, as this forum is open and scanned by web crawlers regularly.

Hi Juan! Are you referring to Coursera or the platform used in the Prompt Engineering course? Thank you!

Hello Chris, I am referring to the platform used in the Prompt Engineering course, again, I am not 100% sure it is a vulnerability, but It’d be good if the responsible people can at least take a look at it.

Thank you.

Thanks Juan. I’ve moved your post to the correct category. Someone from the team should reach out to you.

@Mrpapi69 You will get a DM from our development team very soon!

DM sent :). Thanks everyone!