Dont see lab instructions


I dont see Vocareum lab instructions in this coursera course

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Hi Raj and welcome to the community! The Vocareum instructions will pop up when you click the Launch App button in the App Item in Coursera. It will go to a new tab, so please check your pop-up blocker in case it’s preventing it from opening. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris,
Should we be able to see the Launch App button if we’re only auditing the course? I understand I can’t expect it to be graded unless I pay but I was hoping I could practice anyway while auditing. I can’t find the button you mentioned (I only have “Upgrade to submit”) on the Graded App Item subpage. Cheers!

Hi Hanna. Unfortunately, the labs are locked for auditors.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer!

I originally applied to audit the class, but I want to try the labs, is there any way to change and pay or it’s too late?

Hi Shmuly! There should be an Upgrade option when you try to access any of the labs from audit. After that, it should be unlocked. Just let me know if you don’t see that option. Thank you!

Hi Chris,

thank you for your quick response. I actually started a project to assist literacy in young children using LLM technology and would appreciate your feedback.

Our project in short is an Al-driven reading app that generates personalized stories based on sight words and phonic skills provided by teachers. Students can choose the topics of the stories, making the reading experience enjoyable and tailored to their interests.

The app offers an interactive learning experience. As children read aloud, the app listens, transcribes their speech, and compares it to the original story. This process allows for real-time identification of mistakes and areas that need improvement, providing valuable insights for teachers to enhance learning outcomes.

Currently the app uses the GPT-4 API from openai, however I was thinking perhaps to fine-tune an LLM to produce these stories instead.

I attached a link to a basic MVP of the app. It doesn’t work on an iPhone but it should work on a laptop. One Professor responded that it didn’t work on his laptop but hopefully it was just a glitch.

I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,

Shmuly Bergmann

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Hi Shmuly! This is an interesting concept! Unfortunately, I can’t provide feedback right now. I highly suggest creating a new topic about this in the General Discussions category. It will be more visible to the community and you might find others who are working on something similar. You can also post a video link showing how it should work so access to the app will not be a problem. Thanks!

Can i get the lab notebooks

Vocareum lab will open only when we actually attempt “Graded App Items” Lab exercises.

Ah, now I understand. The first week 1 lab is technically ungraded, so we shouldn’t expect to see instructions pop up. Thanks for clarifying.