DSL5 week 2 get notebooks images after submission

I have downloaded my notebook before submitting it but I have forgoten to download also images referenced into the notebook. So when I open my notebook locally, precious images are lacking and it’s hard to understand the code without the images.
How can I have access to images without re-open a new notebook session ?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,

Hi @Thierry_Pochon

Please follow this link for instructions

Thank you Kic for your reply.
Does it means that I have to re-open my already submitted notebook to have access again to the workspace including images ? (implying that I have to fill again the notebook re-submit to complete the course ?)

Hi there, if you need to download the images pre-implemented to the notebook (e.g., illustration of NN architectures, …), they are in the folder already and you don’t need to re-fill anything.
To complete the course, from my point of view, a previous submission won’t be cleared until you make a new submission.

Ok, thank you, perfect, I have retrieved all the notebook images by re-opening the notebook.
Indeed, my last submission is still there.
I have shutdown the kernel, to not consume not necessary resources.