Lost already submitted notebook when refreshing my deadlines

Hi - A couple months ago I started this class and passed the submitted assignments for the first two weeks. After a pause, I picked up the class yesterday and reset my deadlines. However, when I went to look at some of the code from the first two assignments that I had submitted, I found my submission were not saved and I could only look at a new, unfilled notebook (despite having the green checkmark showing that I had already submitted these).

Is there any way to recover my initial submissions? Would be really helpful to have a record of the code I spent a lot of time writing.


This is caused by the fact that they made a significant update to the course in the interim. You can try contacting the Coursera Help Center (small blue square ? lower right) and ask them to (at least temporarily) switch you back to the old version of the course. I think I remember at least one other student saying that had worked. Then you can save your notebooks by doing “File → Download (as notebook)”. Note that having been clobbered by this behavior once, one hopes you will have the foresight to save your work preemptively in the future. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!” as the old saying goes.