Lost graded programming assignments

Hi, I’ve lost the two programming assignments from the first week. Would you set the due date later? It’s due date is tomorrow but a graded one and another saved one disappeared from the system somehow.

Thanks in advance.

We cannot move your due dates.
But you can submit your work at any time. The due dates are only reminders.

Is there any way to restore the lost assignments that were submitted and saved?

Are you referring to your notebook files, or your record of your grades?

I am talking about the lost notebook files

I think you cannot get those back.

I wonder how the saved notebook files disappeared from the system?

Most often that happens when a new version of the notebook is released. But usually your original files are automatically saved with modified names.

What Tom describes is the normal way things work, but it matters how long ago it was that you originally finished those assignments. There was a seismic event in April 2021 which involved new versions of all the courses and any work from the previous Epoch is just gone. If you didn’t save your own copies (“File → Download (as notebook)”), then there is no way to recover them. Sorry.

But if you worked those notebooks more recently than April, they should not have disappeared on general principles. Are you sure that you checked by clicking “File → Open” and having a look around? When they update the notebooks, (as Tom said) they save a copy of yours with the date and time interpolated into the filename. But now that I think about it, there may have been some other updates after April on some specific assignments that involved vaporizing all previous work (when they fundamentally changed the Docker images).

If you find saved copies of your notebooks, it is important not to just “rename” them back to the official names. If you do that, you lose whatever fixes where made by the course staff. Unfortunately you have to painstakingly go through and “copy/paste” just your completed code from your copy to the new copy.

Generally speaking, it is good practice to save copies of your work locally as described above. Coursera occasionally makes “improvements” to their software that sometimes have surprising side effects like previous work disappearing.

I experience the same as @Youngha_Hwang… For me it is about the programming assignments of course 4 (Convolutional Neural Networks), Week 1 and Week 2. I did save local copies of these files, but it seems like the assignments have changed. How can I revert back to having completed Week 1 and 2 without having to redo the assignments?

Hi, Jorrit.

If the grader does not show you has having completed the assignments, you’ll need to port over your work from your original notebooks to the new versions. That may involve some logic changes, as some of the assignments have some pretty major changes. It depends on how long ago you saved your original versions. If it was before April 2021, then you may have to deal with the conversion from TensorFlow 1 to TF 2, which is a pretty big deal. If your saved copies were created after April 2021, then the changes should be pretty minor.

The procedure is to upload your saved notebooks under names other than the “official” name of the notebook opened by the “Work in Browser” link. Then open the new notebook and your original notebook side by side and compare the two. Read carefully to pick up any changes in the assignments and port over your previous code to the new notebooks.

Sorry, but if the assignments have changed, you need to upgrade to the current version. In some cases, your previous code will just work as is, but the point is you can’t just assume that. Maybe you get lucky, but maybe you don’t.

Thanks for your quick reply and tips, @paulinpaloalto.

My notebooks are from before April 2021 and I have already noticed the changes to the assignments are rather major. I guess it is just too bad. I would have expected a warning/notification about this, but maybe I just missed that…

I forget what they said about this to “current” students at the time, but I think it was announced at some level. But I get a lot of email ads from Coursera and DeepLearning,ai. I’m sure you study yours as carefully as I study mine. :grin: Perhaps it’s sitting in your Spam folder somewhere.

But in any case, there is nothing to be done at this point other than port your work over. It is very fortunate that you had the foresight to save copies of your previous notebooks. A lot of people in this situation did not have that foresight and in that scenario there is no way to recover the previous state of things, so those folks literally have to start from scratch.

The other good news here is that the April 2021 changes are really a big step forward. They made lots of improvements and TF2 is so much easier to deal with than TF1. In ConvNets in particular, they added a lot of new material to cover things that have happened since the courses were originally published in 2017.