Help! assignment disappeared

after completing the first programming assignment, i klicked submit the assignment,
and then got an error saying something like
the file was changed since last open,
do yout want to overright this version or open the version saved on the file
i hit the second option and the assignment disappeared,
when i open it, i just get a plank notebook

Please visit Paul’s excellent guidance at FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions for all DLS COurses

Hi Abode,

Did you save the notebook before submission? You can’t lose everything as most of your assignment is saved automatically. But you too should save the checkpoint periodically. And before submission it’s must to save your file.
If you have saved the file, then you may not lose everything. Open the file and check the notebook again.
But in case, things have gone wrong, then you need to work on it all over again.
Besides, check whether you have the latest version of the notebook in place.

If other mentors have any idea how he can retrieve the lost file, they can add on their suggestions in this thread.

Thanks a ton!

Oh! I didn’t notice Nobu’s reply as I directly replied it from my phone. Please ignore my comment. The thread already contains the apt suggestions provided by Paul sir! :slight_smile: