Effect of resetting deadlines on completion certificate?

I have already completed this specialization. I just want to check out the new materials but not redo the older material.

Will I have to finish all exercises and quizzes if I reset the deadlines?

Will my completion certificate after resetting the deadline will be canceled?

Thanks, Raj

Assignments and quizzes might reset, but the completion certificate will not. Hence, you can try out and play around with the new material without worries.

Enjoy and keep on learning! :blush:


Hello! I cannot reach my old assignments. It says that I have to Upgrade and purchase a subscription to unlock my materials. But I already have a subscription, so when I click on the upgrade button, it enters my account and then the same message is active: “Purchase a subscription to unlock this item.” How can I reach my notebooks that had been previously graded? Thanks for the answer.

I have the same issue. Could you please help if you found a solution?