Not able to complete the course in the required timing

What happens if I cannot complete the course in the required timing? Will I not get the certification?

Thank you.

Hi @AntonioMaher,

As you can see from the course information, certificate will only be issued if you have completed all assignments and passed the required grade.
If the deadline for completion of an assignment (ie. Lab) is elasped, it will automatically reset once you reopen the assignment.

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Thanks Kin for your answer!

I assume that by resetting, I may successfully conclude the certification.

All the best

Hi @AntonioMaher

Just a reminder, if you are on pay subscription and your subscription is expired, you will have no access to the assignments/or the work you have done unless your subscription is renewed. So, just watch for that.
You can download the files to your local machine before the subscription ends, and renew your subscription when you are ready to continue.

Here is how to do it:
from your opened notebook, at the top of the menu bar
click file
→ open
→ select the file you want to download and click the download button.

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Kin’s point is a really good one: you should seriously consider saving copies of the notebooks locally so that you can refer to them later without having to pay the subscription forever. It’s also a good idea to keep your own backups just on general principles: websites have been known to lose files. There are easy instructions for downloading all the files associated with the assignments. The links to that are given in a couple of places on the DLS FAQ Thread. With all the files, you could even consider running the notebooks locally or in a different environment like Google Colab or PyCharm, although that can be a bit complicated because it also requires that you have the “chops” to duplicate the exact versions of all the support packages needed. There are no official instructions for how to do that but there are some threads on Discourse that give help like this one and this one.

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Thank you very much Kin for your your very useful remark!

Thank you very much Paul, for your reminder!