I am unable to see my completed assignments

I have completed all the weeks except 3rd week assignments before a week. I was about to complete the course. Now I could not be able to see my completed assignments. It shows like,I have to to start from beginning. what happened to my assignments. My subscription ends with may 20. please help me it’s emergency.

Did you update your Notebook without saving your previous work?

Check the Files menu in the Notebook, it might have a copy of your old ipynb file there.

No I didn’t. I have not updated the course to the new version(I was in a 3 week course). But It is in new version now(It is in 4 week). I lost my assignments due to this change. How can I retrieve my assignments. I could not able to find nothing in the file.

Then I think you were force-updated to the new version.
And I think that means your previous work was lost to you.
But you may be able to contact the Coursera “Help Center” and ask them to restore your previous file.

I am sorry I do not have more detailed instructions, but I have little experience fixing this sort of issue.

You may be able to find other cases by searching this forum for “completed assignments”, or similar phrases.