Feature questions

I’ve been porting over some threads from the DLS C1 forums to Discourse just to see how it goes. So far not too bad. But I do have some things I’d like to do that I don’t yet know how to do:

  1. Is there a way to “lock” a topic so that users cannot add replies to it? For persistent reference topics like the FAQ Threads, I think that is pretty important otherwise you just get no end of junk replies and it becomes hard to find the wheat among the chaff.

  2. At one point I saw a way to “Pin” a topic, but now I can’t find it anymore. The other question is how “Pin” works here versus how it works in the Forums. The intent is to have the pinned threads float to the top of the various categories so that people notice them, but that may become painful if there are too many and you have to scroll down to see the new traffic.

  3. I really don’t understand what the “bookmark” feature here is for. It looks like it sets a timed reminder of some sort. That’s not what I think of as a “bookmark”, so I question the UX thinking that went into that design … Why not call it an “alarm” or “reminder” in that case. A bookmark should put it on a list so that I can find it easily without searching for it using the SE.

  1. Yes in moderation we do have the feature of locking the topic so I think you can send us the threads which need to be locked for replies and we’ll do so (or maybe try adding moderation role to your existing role if possible)

  2. Pinning will float those topics to the top. I think that is a restricted feature and not everyone will be able to do it. Agreed that we have to be cautious to not pin many threads. A max of 3-5 would be good.

  3. Interesting observation. It should reflect in your profile as bookmarked threads for easier reference. (It is moved in the activity section in the new UI I guess) (This cheatsheet should help )