Financial Aid for Course

Can I get 100% financial aid on the course Deep learning Specialization? It shows only 90% aid. I can’t pay the amount as I am still in the college :confused:

This part of financial aid for doing a course is handled by Coursera and not by DL.AI

Coursera had upgraded the financial aid to 90%off from 100% from their side.

You will have to contact learner helper centre on Coursera and request them in case you want 100% financial aid but I am not sure they would provide.


@Deepti_Prasad I think you mean ‘downgraded’ :wink:

@gangz – I am not rich either, by far, but if you go through with the whole specialization I think you will not regret paying the 10%. In fairness I also think on their side, many, many, many people start online learning programs and then never bother to finish them.

So I see it less as a direct ‘money making’ opportunity for them, but to ensure learners whom do receive aid still have an impetus to commit to the program.

I was speaking from Coursera perspective and they seem to be adamant right now to keep financial aid at 90% which even I feel it is justified but some people do need 100% financial aid in special cases, as he seems to state he is a student.

Honestly I don’t want to judge either Coursera or the learner as they both might be right in their own situation, so I leave to them on choices.

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You can audit the course if you are unable to pay . After the 90% scholarship most of the courses cost about 200-300 rupees ( 5USD at most ).

Hey that was a good suggestion @aryan010204

This is just for information, but auditing the course will not provide you certificate for the course completion.


But the certificate and $4.75US will get you a Grande Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks. The bigger thing you lose in “audit” mode is that you can’t do the programming assignments, which is where a lot of the learning takes place.

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I hope that’s a joke :joy:

yes even I had that doubt about access to programming assignment and you confirmed it.