About coursera payment

Hi everyone. I am a learner of DeepLearning.AI on Coursera. I tried the free trial of the ML Specialization of Andrew Ng. After 7 days, i have finished one and a half courses per 3 courses. Will I pay 49$ for not cancel the courses? And what happen when my card doesn’t have enough money. Sorry about free learning but I was just a student. I don’t have ability to pay 49$. Thank you

You could have asked for financial aid if you are unable to pay for the course on Coursera. if your card doesn’t have enough money, it will show failed payment or do payment. I advise you to go the the Coursera page of the DLS specialisation and apply for financial aid. See if that helps. Sometimes they permit financial aid to people in need. But next time plan and then take course to prevent from defaulting your account.


Hello @Vinhky762,

I agreed with DP. I suggest for the following:

  1. Cancel your free trial before it charges you. We don’t know what else can happen (e.g. from the bank’s side) on a failed payment.

  2. Read about the Financial Aid

  3. Apply for it

  4. If you have other questions about your account/payment/subscription/financial aid, contact Cousera directly. We don’t deal with them here.

  5. For the following, it is from my memory and it could be wrong, so just take it as something you can give it a try: After you cancel the free-trial, you should still have the same free-trail access until the 7-day period is actually over. After the 7-day period is over, if you go back to the course, you might still be able to watch the videos. If that is the case, you can continue to learn while waiting for the financial aid. However, after the 7-day period is over, you will no long have access to any labs nor quizzes, because they always require a subscription or a financial aid.

Keep learning!