Why i was asked to pay for the course?

hi everyone ,
i am trying to finish the course assignment but i usually transerred to a payment page from coursera , i thought the coursee is free . anyone can help ?


Thank you for the question. Normally in Coursera it is free to audit the courses, so you can access the videos and slides. But to make the assignments and to get the certificate you need to enrol by paying the subscription. Usually you can get a 7-day-trial look at the main page of the specialization: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/deep-learning#howItWorks


Hi there,
Once I have done it and enrolled in Coursera plus for 7 days trial but still I was unable to open the assignments. So I had to take the subscripts for full month. May I know the reason then why do we should go for 7 days trial. Cause only videos we can open even without trial .

This happened with me just 15 days back!

Thank you !