Why is it asking me to upgrade to submit the assignmnets when I already have the course?

I had taken the course on Coursera few days back, but due to some issues at the time, I was unable to complete the course and now, when I reset my deadlines and started from the beginning, when I go to the assignment for the WEEK 1, it asks me to upgrade my subscription. Can you please explain why this is happening?

Hello Pranav.

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Are you fully subscribed to the courses or are you on trial? If on trial then the subscription ends in a week and you need to pay as a subscriber to the asked course.

Hi Rashmi,
Actually I had bought the course with the help of Financial Aid on Coursera and I don’t think they provide free trials in that. Please do correct me if I’m wrong…Thanks!

If that’s the case then definitely you will get access to all the course materials including the assignments.

Please go through this link. Also, you can chat with the executives for a quick reply through the chat option.

Try log in to the course again. If you have been provided that aid, it will never end that soon.