Foundational Python programming skills

I’ve been working with python data science libs without too many problems given my basic python programming skills. You know: slicing lists, basic flow control, concatenation, writing basic functions calling and running lib mods.

But, I was caught off-guard with the beginner deep learning specialization, with the level of programming needed to translate algos into code.

Anyway, not complaining. Just hoping for suggestions regarding a learning path to shore-up my short comings in python programming. I’ll never want to be a software engineer or probably not even a data engineer. i’m an old school data analysts who is working to catch up with the future. I’m all about data scrubbing, EDA, and feature selection/engineering.

Please advise. Much appreciated.

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The Deep Learning Specialization is an Intermediate level course.

You’re expected to understand Python programming, including the use of objects and classes.

The solution to this is, take some more advanced Python courses.

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