From where to Practice projects and code after completing this course?

Hi Everyone , I have completed this course but now I don’t know if I complete all courses first or can I do some mini projects in parallel . And if I can , please guide me about projects.

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Hi @Gurdeep_Singh2 !

You can practice what you’ve learned on Kaggle in their learning competitions. Kaggle Competitions

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It depends on your goals. But for most people doing projects while you learn can improve your retention on the materials and the ability to incorporate into real world examples.

I Don’t suggest to compete on kaggle yet, but you can use their dataset and create a project using the data and upload to github, that way you will have something to show if you want to improve your online presence.

Let me know if this helps.

@Gurdeep_Singh2 I suggest you try 2 websites that can help you practice what you learned. Kaggle and They have beginner projects that let you practice different coding challenges. In addition, there are several coders that have shared their coding notebooks to help others. At a later stage when you are ready, you can give the challenges a try!

I will try kaggle , thank you.

Thank you for replying.
So here is what I understood , Please do tell if I need to add something or any correction to do in steps:

  1. downloading a data set from kaggle
  2. data cleaning
  3. data visualization
  4. choose a algorithm
  5. train test split
  6. train the model and the model evaluation
    I will do this in google colab and can save in github as you suggested .
    In some youtube videos I heard about deployment also , is that covered in this specialization.
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Yes. That sounds good. Deployment is not covered in this specialization but it’s covered in the mlops specialization.

I did some projects that follow a similar structure:

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