Future of Machine learning and Gradio

I don’t know if this is a stupid question but if stuff like Gradio exist which already has pre trained and fine tuned models does it mean machine learning become obsolete?

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Not a stupid question at all! The existence of tools like Gradio, doesn’t necessarily mean that machine learning as a field becomes obsolete. Instead, it reflects the ongoing evolution and democratization of machine learning.

However, the field remains important because experts drive innovation, customization is often necessary, data quality matters, interdisciplinary knowledge is key, ongoing research improves models, and unique tasks may require custom solutions. In essence, while tools ease application, expertise is still vital for progress and problem-solving in machine learning.

While tools like Gradio streamline utilization, the expertise of machine learning engineers and experts is crucial. These professionals drive innovation, ensure the necessary customization, uphold data quality, bring interdisciplinary insights, contribute to ongoing research for model enhancement, and address the demands of unique tasks that may require bespoke solutions. In essence, while such tools facilitate application, the role of machine learning engineering expertise remains indispensable for advancing and effectively resolving challenges in the machine learning landscape.

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